Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Philipians 1:6
Thank God we are almost there! God in His mercy has allowed us to arrive to this moment. We are almost in the eighth month of the pregnancy and even though the pregnancy has been difficult we are very thankful for living this experience. For the last few weeks, Nathan, our baby, has received Steroid injections to accelerate maturation of his lungs. As many of you know there are high probabilities he will be born prematurely. We trust God, He will do His will with our baby. God has given us a lot of patience, joy and strength during this pregnancy, we give Him thanks because He fulfills His perfect will in our lives.
*Nathan at 4 months *Nathan's face at 7 months

Good News Club in Summer

Regarding the work among churches, we still have plenty. We had our annual summer club, a kind of VBS (Vacation Bible School). The outreach of the event goes beyond the church walls. Our Lord Jesus said that we are the salt of the land and that if the salt looses its flavor, then it does not serve for anything but to be thrown and trampled. (Mathew 5:13) So God has taught us to leave the comfort we are in and follow his example by seeking the lost. This year the municipal government of our city allowed us to use one of his premises making it possible to concentrate an average of 100 children each day for the summer club’s activities. Another blessing was obtained by the joint effort of the church (adult, young and children). We thank God for the response of the children and pray the Lord will help us to yield good fruit.

CHE in Mexico

Jacob in its role as CHE national coordinator follows promoting this ministerial tool, now with Global Che Enterprises. God in has opened doors in different parts of our country to share Community Health Evangelism as a source of reach, development and transformation. This tool has helped our church to see beyond ourselves and has mobilized us toward an effective service. Thus, during July and August we could give training in CHE in Leon Guanajuato, Texcoco DF, Tlanchinol Hidalgo, Chihuahua Chihuahua and Oaxaca Oaxaca. We thanks God that He considered us faithful, appointing us to his service.

From Zihuatanejo to Oklahoma

The last but not least important thing is a the home for abandoned at-risk seniors. Last Saturday, the 29th of August, Alisa Duncan left Zihuatanejo on her 2000 mile journey by bicycle to Oklahoma City. The purpose of her journey of love is to raise awareness across the country of the plight of these vulnerable ones and the plans to provide a Christian home here for a number of them. You can follow her, if you are interested, on her blog
We Give thanks to God for all the brothers and sisters that form part of “Hablando menos y amando más” ("Speaking less and loving more"), that is the Civil Association for this home for seniors. We thank God for the brothers and sisters of the executive committee and for all the volunteers that are serving to carry out the necessary works to build the first place of retreat for seniors in Zihuatanejo.

As you can see our God in his mercy blesses us faithfully. Well, we don't want to finish this advance on the blog without giving a shout of praise to our God by the great blessing that means for us the family of the faith. Thank God for our brothers and sisters from Zihuatanejo and the other places at Mexico. Thank God for our brothers and sisters that are beyond our borders, from the north to the south of our continent, passing from Mexico to Central America, we know that you all have not stopped praying for us. Thanks to each and every one of you for having us in your thoughts and prayers.

In His great love

Jacob, Rachel and Nathan.

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