Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well the second half of this year has already started; the time has gone quickly! We haven’t updated our blog since January, but here we are, ready to keep you abreast of what has happened during this time.
This first half of the year not only has brought us new ministerial responsibilities, but also brought us an unexpected pleasant and happy responsibility. God surprised us with the news of our first pregnancy! When we were married 18 years ago, the two of us were pretty young; we prayed for two years with no children. We never used any method of birth control and the two years passed quickly. Later, we realized that something was not right because we could not conceive. Over the years we have had several treatments, but with no success.
Suddenly, after 16 years, when we no longer expected it, God surprised us with this gift when we thought that His plan for us was that we wouldn’t have children. What a blessed surprise!! From the bottom of our hearts we can only exclaim: SOLI DEO GLORIA (Only to God the Glory).

At fourth month of pregnancy

We want to share, however, that these times have been difficult times. From the beginning we were informed that it would be a high-risk pregnancy. We didn’t fully understand what that meant; but little by little, we have been learning what that means. We are now in the sixth month of pregnancy. Thanks God, we have already passed the first trimester and almost finished the second. For more than a month, Raque has been in bed by doctor's orders because she was having early contractions since the second half of the fourth month. We thank God because although the visits to the doctor have been ongoing and the purchase of medicine and several clinical studies have represented a major economic challenge, God has been filling everything that we need in all respects. He is always faithful!

As you can imagine, this first half of the year has been challenging, not only for the things mentioned above, but also by Jacob's new rol as national coordinator of CHE, without mentioning the pastoral work that we continue developing in Zihuatanejo. The economic conditions of our country and around the world have affected in a major way not only the ministries, but the fellowships with whom we work and serve. Not mention the health alerts of the AH1N1 virus, which was another devastating blow to the economy of our Mexican families, especially here in Zihuatanejo, where the economy depends on tourism. Nonetheless, we thank God for this time, because challenges like these are an opportunity to share the love and faithfulness of God. God opens doors for us to share His message in all circumstances. The situation of our Mexican families is indeed difficult, but our hearts trust in the fact that our God is sovereign and He is in control and that He has supplied all our needs according to his riches in glory.

Jacob visiting different CHE projects at Cihuhua.

A soja project in one comunnity in Zihuatanejo. The project was design to develop a healthier a cheaper way for feeding families durings these tough times.

We thank God for this time because his love and mercy has been steadfast. He has shown his care in different ways and in a very special way through the church.

Koinonia's Curch, they have been a great support and blessing to us during these times.

We are also thankful for having you as part of our friends and prayers supporters. Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog and for remembering us in your prayers.

In His love,
Jacob, Raquel and the baby Sotelo.

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